Thursday, March 8, 2012


This article, written in response to a controversial plan to run a railway through Parramatta Park was written when I was living there, after I'd been for a guided tour of the park.
It was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 26 January 2000 (Australia Day) and is also featured on a school education website.
When Governor Macquarie's wife lived on the vice‑regal estate now known as Parramatta Park, she had a treehouse built in a tall gum tree so she could climb up and admire the view.
Elizabeth Macquarie was not playing at being a tomboy like Marie Antoinette did a milkmaid.
She had an active interest in the art of landscaping and delighted in both creating and viewing beautiful vistas.
When residing at Government House in Sydney, her special vantage point for gazing out at the harbour was the sandstone outcrop near Bennelong Point now known as Mrs Macquarie's Chair.

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